S'mores Shelf



Introduction: S'mores Shelf

This unique shelf was created as a single purpose shelf for a specific problem. It is built out of old wood I had laying around (because I have a problem getting rid of any left over wood).

When we have a bonfire we always have s'mores and wind up with marshmallows or something on the ground. The shelf fits on either side of the chair and will hold everything needed, even your favorite beverage!

These shelves have become a favorite for friends and family when we're out camping or picnicking. They make a great place for food and drink. We no longer have to balance plates on our laps or put them on the ground for pets and insects to eat.

This only took an hour or 2 to make.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

I made this using whatever I had in the shop, so feel free to substitute any materials and adjust size to fit your chairs.

Shelf: plywood, 7 x405 x 305mm (1/4" x 16 3/4" x 12")

Clip: pine, 19 x 35 x 215mm (3/4 x 1 1/2 x 8 3/4")

Shelf support: pine, 280 x 190 x 19mm (11 x 7 1/2 x 3/4")

wood glue

drywall screws

Step 2: Fitting the Pieces

  1. Fit the clip under the armrest. My chair fit a 19 x 35 (1x2). I rounded the 2 top corners for a better fit.
  2. Cut a slot in the shelf to fit around the armrest. this will keep the shelf from sliding forward or back.
  3. Clamp the 2 pieces in place. I had the chair on my workbench upside down to better see what I was doing.
  4. Put the shelf support half way back of the armrest, be sure the shelf is horizontal.
  5. Mark where to cut a notch out to rest on the seat. Cut less than you think you can trim to fit later.
  6. Screw the pieces together and test fit. Trim as needed. Test fit with the chair upright.

Step 3: How to Fit and Trim Parts.

  1. Make the parts fit tight, otherwise the shelf might not be secure.
  2. Cut another slot in the shelf so it will fit on the other side of the chair. Make it the same distance from the shelf support as the first slot. That will ensure it will have the same fit on both sides.
  3. I shared some pictures of how to fit the support from another version of this shelf. The other version has a folding support for easier storage.

Step 4: Round Over All Edges and Sand Before Gluing the Parts Together.

I used a router to round the edges of the shelf support and sanded the edges of the shelf to remove any splinters. Then painted with some white house paint I had around.

Here are the dimensions for the parts. This fits the chairs I have, I'm guessing all chair are slightly different so use my dimensions only as a guide.

Step 5: Test It Out!

Go start a fire and make some s'mores with friends and some beer.

Enjoy your shelf.

Step 6:

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