Snap Scenes Laser Cut Toy (available on Kickstarter)

Introduction: Snap Scenes Laser Cut Toy (available on Kickstarter)

Thanks for checking out my tutorial on this laser cut toy I'm launching on Kickstarter.

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Step 1: Snap Scenes Kickstarter Project (laser Cut Toy)

Snap Scenes is a new project that I'm launching on Kickstarter

It's a small laser cut wood animal toy and Its made from 100% Baltic birch that I source locally.

The Scenes can be snapped out and set-up, can be painted, colored with marker or left in there natural wood form. Every Scene comes with characters, background scenes and a base to place them on.

Step 2: Design

Snap Scenes placements are designed in Corel Draw then exported to the laser cutter.

Step 3: Laser Cutting

3a) We mask off the Baltic Birch with vinyl cutter (Pre-mask) so it won't burn the surface as much.

3b) We export the Corel Draw image to the Epilog Helix Laser cutter, it is super easy to use it basically acts as a printer, You just adjust the speed and power settings and hit print.

3c) Remove the masking tape.

4c) If you don't have your own laser cutter try joining your local Makerspace, I work out of shop called Assentworks they have Laser cutters, 3d Printers and tons of other great equipment.

Step 4: Set Up and Paint It.

Paint and set up your scene.

Step 5: Filming

We filmed our Kickstarter stop motion video using a Green Screen and multiple walk sequence of a lion walking.

You can check out the video at and look up Snap Scenes.

The walks sequence is made from 16 unique lasercut pieces, we took from a real walking animal, so it has an interesting look.

Please think about supporting our campaign we have some really great rewards starting at $5

Randy Merritt

Step 6:

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    3 years ago

    Are these still available anywhere? Or do you now offer the plans for sale ( couldn't find a website ) Happy Holidays


    4 years ago

    Really fun idea! Best of luck with your Kickstarter!