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We have had a lot of snow this winter(Eastern Ontario Canada), but no where the amount that Atlantic Canada or the US east coast and Midwest states received. But there was still a good amount on the roof of my house, I went to a local hardware store to buy a snow rake, they were all sold out and there was none in their regional warehouse.

I decided to try and make one of these after seeing a YouTube video of one that someone else had made. I was able to make it with materials that I had on hand, except for the wheels (Habitat for Humanity), a pair of aluminum crutches (Salvation Army Thrift Store) and the Blue Krazy Karpet (Canadian Tire).

I didn't take any pictures during construction since its construction is quite straight forward.

Here is a YouTube video of it in action:

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

A 23" by 10.5" inch piece of heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal.

A 10.5" by 20" piece on Aluminum cut into two 10.5" by 10" pieces.

A pair of Aluminum crutches. $7.00

Two 1.25" by 1/2' wheels with mounting brackets. $2.00

A Krazy Karpet that is approx. 53" long by 18" wide. $4.60

Four steel angle brackets.

Pop Rivets and washers.

A 18" long piece of plastic baseboard trim.

Two 3/16" by 2 inch SS bolts with nuts and lock nuts.

Two shelf brackets that I had on hand.

Three 2" long 1/4" bolts with washers, lock washers and nuts.

Two large washers 1.5" diameter with 1/2" hole.

Heavy Duty duct tape.


Tape measure, drill, drill bits, pop rivet tool, bench vice, wrenches, permanent marker. 3 pairs of vice grips.

Step 2: Fabrication

I marked out 2.5" from each short edge of the sheet metal and folded it to an 90 degree angle.

I folded the aluminum on the long edge in half.

Then I placed the the folded aluminum on each side of the sheet metal.

I placed the steel angle brackets at the front and back of the sheet metal/aluminum assembly.

Marked holes for brackets and wheel assembly's, drilled and pop riveted it all together.

Placed the large washers on outside top edge and marked out for mounting hole. Drilled 1/4" hole.

Slid large washers in between aluminum and drilled three holes around them and then pop riveted to hold the washers in place, ( the washers are used to stiffen the aluminum).

Used the brackets that I had and attached them through the holes with the washers with the bolts, I used flat washers on each side. Where the brackets cross I put the remaining bolt through the holes in the brackets.

I took the top part of one of the crutches off and cut off about 10'' from each side.

I then put the cut down crutch through the holes in the brackets, and slid it down to the hand hold part of the crutch, then I removed the hand hold from the other crutch and placed it on the cut down crutch. This attaches the arm/handle to the scoop. It also makes for easy removal and repairs if needed.

I had drilled two extra holes in the angle brackets on the opposite end to where the handle attaches. I placed the Krazy Karpet underneath and marked the holes with the marker then punched them out. I also marked and drilled the holes on the plastic baseboard trim.

I put washers on the SS screws then put them up from the bottom through the previously mentioned holes, put the Krazy Karpet on them and then the plastic trim. A flat washer, nut and locking washer and tightened them up.

I duct taped the karpet down so that snow wouldn't go between it and the sheet metal of the Snow Chute.

Step 3: Finished Snow Chute

It works quite well, I just need to figure out a better way to attach the long "Painters Extension Pole" that I attached to it.

It cleaned up my roof quite well.

The Krazy Karpet is a snow sliding device that is made out of heavy plastic and has been for-sale for around 30 years .

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    You might want to market these guys up where i live. (Heck, lots of places) Has alot of potential I think!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is very interesting. I have lived in the North for many a year and have not seen anything quite like this. Looks like a winner to me!

    john pedersen
    john pedersen

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Milesnorth, I hadn't seen anything like it either. Here is a link to the video where I got the idea from to try and make my own.