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Introduction: Snow Flocking Christmas Tree's

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Soap Snow flocking is very easy and can be done to an entire Christmas Tree in just 2 hours. Wreaths, Pine Cones, Wooden Signs etc., can be decorated with this flocking technique. Your imagination is the limit. Artifical Trees, Garlands etc. can also be done and safely stored. Touch up would be needed the next year. Flocking dries to a firm state and will stick well to the tree needles.

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Step 1: Materials:

To multiply the batch just multiply the ingredients. A wreath can be done with a single bar of soap. A tree like I have done here used 6 bars of soap in batches of three.

Step 2: Grating

In a large mixing bowl add soap.

  • Do this by using a fine grater, grate the Ivory soap into fine spreads. You can see the consistency of the shreds in the photo.

Step 3: The Mix:

Add the hot water and starch to the soap.

Mix the ingredients well with a blender until it foams up and looks like whipping cream.

Step 4: Start Flocking:

I place a tarp or old sheet under the tree. If you drop the soap mixture on the floor it will stick and can be slick on hard floors. The tarp will protect the floor and will allow for easy clean-up. It is sometimes best to add lights first and flock around them..

I used an open branched Nobel Fir, they really show off the snow flocking on the branches.

Start at the top of the tree and work your way down to the bottom. This allows any material that drops to hopefully land on a branch.

The easiest way to add the flocking is to grab a small amount at the end of your fingers and wipe or place it onto the branch. Press it in some as you want it to adhere to the needles. You can make it light or use more mixture, that is up to you.

For a more realistic look, try to only decorate the tops of the branches. Big globs of the mixture is fine, it adds to the appeal if it is used sparingly. Use your imagination.

Rubbing flock on the trunk can make the tree look like snow was blown into the trees center trunk.

If you run out of the mixture, just make more. It can take about an hour or two to grate, mix and flock a 10 foot tree.

Allow the tree to dry over night, then you can add ornament's, ribbons etc.

Merry Christmas!

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    2 years ago

    That's a really pretty effect to add to the tree!