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Introduction: Sockophones - Earphone Padding Made From Socks

About: Graduate student at the MIT Media Lab.

As my headphones were a little uncomfortable without padding, I decided to make some. I am a lazy person and sewing takes me very long, so I used old socks to keep it simple.

Step 1: Cutting the Socks

First I cut the socks in half. Only the upper tube part is required, the bottom part can serve as padding. Where you cut the socks depends on it's length, thickness and how you want to pad your earphones (as explained on the next page).

Step 2: Cutting the Padding

I cut out padding from some soft, foamy material I had laying around. If you want to avoid having to make extra padding, you can also experiment with rolling up the socks. (My socks were too thin for that.)

The padding is the size of the earphones, with a hole in the middle determined by guesswork. You can utilize the unused bottom part of your cut sock for padding. However, as softness and thickness are up to personal preferences your socks might result in uncomfortable padding.

Step 3: Attaching the Sock to the Earphones

For my earphones, I only had to wrap the sock tube over the edge of the earpiece as shown in the photo below to attach them. They are inside out, the reason will be shown in the next slides.

Step 4: Putting the Padding on the Sock

Slide the padding onto the sock. That is where it comes in handy to have a hole in the padding. The hole is not bad when using the headphones later on either.

Step 5: Wrap the Sock Onto the Earphones

Now, wrap the sock back onto the earphone. (That's why it was inside out before.) It should then look like in the second image. The nice seam of the sock gives it that extra professional touch your friends will envy and adore you for.

Step 6: Fin

Hope you enjoy your new headphone padding. I'm a little sad I only possess dark socks, a color version would be nice.

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15 Discussions

Since I only needed one, I only used one sock that hadn't been used in a long time, and I didn't have any craft foam, so I used a headphone pad from another headset. It's really comfy and a lot better than the very thin piece of wrap-around fabric that got completely destroyed. Thank you soo much for this!

PLS make a video of it man i'm not able to do it properly

man even i make my cheap logitech headphone better with this kind of repair (even i have to do some improvement because these headphone is undoubtly small) maybe i am not as neat as it is but this should do the trick (and i dont even have to replace my headphone cause i am already comfortable with its weght and sound)

i am very please to follow this guidance, thanks there mate

Thank you ! I had a different type of headphones but none the less I like how they turned out . Your idea is genial . Thanks again . Take care .

I used sponge as the padding though. But thanks a lot! I've found the simplest solution to my problem.

Thank you for posting this idea. You saved me some cash and cotton is so much more comfortable than the faux leather coverings. My MDR-V600 rock again!

I agree this looks good. Only that I'm not sure if this is securely attached.
Maybe you should share how you secured the first half of the sock to the headband joint.. 7.5 of 10!

Tried this, but halfway through I just decided to flip the old cushions inside out and put them back on the headset . Took less than 2 minutes. Done.

hahahahaha. good job. i have a much smaller pair of headphones, but im gonna try to wing it with felt and baby socks.

I made it! Super. Just a pair of Alitalia socks. Tnx

Thank you, I actually have a headset that has really good sound, but the padding is broken and I don't use them.
This might be the thing for them =D