SodaStream BCRS (Bottle Cap Restraint System)

Introduction: SodaStream BCRS (Bottle Cap Restraint System)

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I love my SodaStream. I use it so much, that I keep misplacing the caps for the bottles. In order to curtail this behavior, I created a 3D printed solution so the cap remains attached to the bottle at all times. It has already saved me hours of time that would have been spent searching my house to recover a lost bottle cap. I always assume that if I am having an issue other people out there are probably experiencing the same issue. So, here it is, the simple solution to keep your SodaStream bottle caps from wandering away.

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

You will need a 3D printer, my 3D print files, a SodaStream bottle, ¾" velcro with sticky back (about 1 ½" in length), and about 6" of string. You can find all the 3D files for this at

Step 2: Print Your 3D Files

  1. Print the 3D files. You should have 4 separate pieces the (1) Cap Cover, (2) Cap String Connector, (3) Cap Top, and (4) Bottle String Connector. Again, here is the link

Step 3: Attach Your Velcro

You want to cut the velcro into two ¾" x ¾" squares. These squares should fit nicely into the back side of the Bottle String Connector and the Cap Cover. You want to stick the fuzzier velcro side to the plastic piece, leaving the more plasticky velcro piece to attach to the bottle itself.

Step 4: Attach Velcro to Your Bottle

Now you can attach the plasticky velcro to the bottle. Peel the backing from the velcro and place one piece in the middle of the bottle cap, and the other right about where the bottle begins to straighten out or begins to be perpendicular to the surface it is sitting on.

Step 5: Cap and Bottle Connections

Place the Cap Cover on top of the velcro on the cap. It should not move around too much. Next place the Cap String Connector on the Cap Cover by place the larger Cap String Connector hole over the Cap Cover stem. Then snap the Cap Top onto the Cap Cover stem. This should keep the Cap String Connector in place, but allow it to swivel when you are turning the actual cap of the bottle.

You can now thread the piece of string through the Cap String Connector and tie a small knot in the end so the string cannot slip through the hole. Take the other end of the string and slip it through the Bottle String Connector hole and tie a small knot on the other side. You can now attach the Bottle String Connector to the velcro attached to the bottle.

There you go, your very own SodaStream Bottle Cap Restraint System (BCRS). Enjoy!

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