Solar Panel, Window Hanging

Introduction: Solar Panel, Window Hanging

I wanted to power my TV, cable modem, router and other devices from solar. I can't mount panels to the roof and I don't want to run long runs of wire from out back.

Why not hang the panel out the window like the AC unit?

Rev 2 needs better hinges or straps out the window.

Step 1: Panel, Scrap Wood, Pipe Strap

The whole idea "hinges" on the pipe straps, being flexible to fit contours of closed window frame.

Got scrap wood on both ends of panel. Also Scrap wood inside window with 2 straps out to the panel.

The closed window essentially holds the straps, the inside piece of wood is good for initial setup.

Step 2: Leg for Angle

Then I cut a leg to hold the angle of the panel. I eyeballed it for now.

Probably should bury a piece of wood against wall and screw angle leg into that.

A gust of wind might be able to pick panel up?

Step 3: Charge Controller and Battery Box

The panel is a 50 w Renogy Kit with Pwm charge controller.

I got an inline fuse cable and battery tender cable with fuse from Pep Boys. I followed wiring schematic from Renogy. (They have boss documentation btw.)

I mounted controller to lid of battery box and we are good to go.

Just waiting on 1000w xantrex inverter pure sine

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    5 Discussions


    24 days ago

    Hello l really like this window panel. I am not a handy person at all but would like to make it. Not sure how recent this article is. Where can l get an up to date list of all the components and where to buy them. Thanks Complete Novice


    5 years ago

    Wow. The plastic straps and moving the panels to the top of window are both great ideas. Thanks guys.

    A lot of row homes here in philly have the old school window awnings. Might be able to reuse some frames or mount to the awnings


    5 years ago

    You may consider moving your panel to the top of the window. It will provide shade and less solar heat gain in the house.


    Get you to the local home center, raid the waste bin for the plastic strapping used to secure plywood bundles; UV stable, flexible, non- rusting, very heavy duty!