Pulse Motor Solar Powered

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Small pulse motor using 6 neodymium magnets - rotor and a single coil (stator) working inside and outside.

a sciencetoolbar project http://sciencetoolbar.com


Step 1: Pulse Motor Powered With Solar Panels

Torque is going to equal the amperage input to the coil per times pulsed.

rotor : 6 neodymium magnets dsposed N – S – N – S ….. stator : coil

circuit : solar panels – power switch – capacitors – coil ( stator ) – rotor operation : inside , outside, min 1,9 V required

Step 2: Materials Used to Create the Pulse Motor

A.solar panels

B. wires

C. capacitor circuit + coil (stator)

D. power switch

E. 6 neodymium magnets disposed N-S-N-.....

F. plastic holder + glue

a science toolbar project http://sciencetoolbar.com



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