Solder Paste Syringe


Introduction: Solder Paste Syringe

This Instructable was made to find an easy to use container for RadioShack Flux.
This makes it easy to use, no really need to get sticky with Flux and allow user to apply it with ease.



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    You could have just heated up the flux in a double boiler and poured it into the tube. But either way works.

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    If you can safely get the paste to flow that well, perhaps you could just suck it up from the nozzle end!

    What I do in a similar situation is to use a mini pastry bag sorta thing made out of an electrostatic bag, sealed into an acute triangle. Shovel in the paste, squeeze out the air and seal off the back, cut the tip off, and then squirt the contents as deep into the back of the syringe as possible.

    As others have said, some heat and some vigorous smacking of the tip of the syringe against your bench top will help to get rid of air pockets.

    And most importantly, when putting the plunger into the back, stick a small piece of wire or fishing line into the syringe, alongside of the plunger. This lets the air out. After the plunger is fully inserted and resting against the paste, withdraw the wire.

    Use a warm water bath to stabilize the flux before putting back the plunger. This will remove the air bubbles too. Put the cap on before doing that!