Solve Your HP Pavilion DV5000 Laptop 15.4 Inch LCD SCREEN

Brand New HP Pavilion DV5000 ZV5000 Series 15.4" WXGA GLOSSY LCD SCREEN

Model: LP154WX4
Manufacturer: LG-Philips
Size: 15.4 inchs
Resolution: 1280x800 pixels
Aspect ratio: WXGA, Wide screen
Data Connector: 30 pin
Screen Type: TFT Active Matrix Glossy

Status: Brand new, Grade A.
Warranty: 6 months
Delivery includes insurance.
Item includes: LCD Panel without inverter or bracket.
Packing: Antistatic bag and box.

Specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. And Screen Size can not be upgraded. You must confirm that this screen matches your laptop in size and in resolution before you purchase! No Returns Due To Improper Installation or Incompatibility !!!!!

more info at

Fit laptop and notebook pc models:
HP Pavilion DV5000 Series
HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series

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