SONY Move 4 PC THINGY! Virtual Reality Motion Controller $15




Introduction: SONY Move 4 PC THINGY! Virtual Reality Motion Controller $15

The Sony Move controllers were ahead of their time in a lot of ways. I used them on the Playstation 3 and it was okay. Anyway now you can use these on your PC with different software that is available. The problem is it hasn't advanced much since around 2011 due to lack of interest and a way to use them in a compelling way.

Well VR needs controllers that can be tracked and integrated and used. The SONY Move controllers can be easily and cheaply obtained as well as the camera involved(get a deal and it could be as low as $3 per controller). One issue has been how to connect the Navigation controller (a great little controller btw) and the Move controller (the Glowy ball one) so you can have tracking on each hand but still use the sticks on the navigation controllers. Well now you have it!

It's the THINGY!

This is an easy to make option to help get developers in the game and improving the existing Move 4 PC stuff to be a viable VR controller option. The main idea is to get this set-up working and emulating what a Razor Hydra does in a nutshell. Razor Hydras and other motion options are expensive or hard to get. I don't code or any of that stuff and I wanted to help in a way that I could and that was making an easy little "THINGY!" that people could make and use to develop software that I in turn get to use! :) but really if you get something cool working you gotta hook me up so I can try/test it out!

Anyway, onward!

*NOTE* This little THINGY! does work pretty good. It could easily be improved with all sorts of things like charger ports, gluing parts together etc.. But the basic layout is here for people to start messing with in an easy way. It's cheap and easy to get the parts and make. Its fairly ridged after getting all the zip ties on and the Navigation controller fits snugly in its spot. Now if you try to shake it loose and go absolutely crazy with it then yeah it mite shift some or come loose. As it is rite now though the Move 4 PC stuff doesn't respond if you go crazy anyway so just don't be an idiot and your good.

Recommended tools:

Small saw

Utility Scissors

Small nippers or dykes

Small pliers

Sturdy Butter knife

Hobby Knife

Things you will need:

Flexible J-Bend (any hardware store) 1 1/2 size - $4-$8

P Trap for Lavatory (any hardware store) 1 1/4 size - $3

Zip ties (Dollar Store)

Velcro ties (Dollar Store)

Electrical tape (Dollar Store)

STUFF you will need to get SONY Move working on your PC:

SONY Move controllers and Navigation Controllers

SONY Move Camera


Motionjoy (Drivers for Playstaion controllers on PC)

Better DS3 Tool (Replacement tool for motionjoy)

Joy 2 Key (For customizing controller layouts)

Move 4 PC (The basic software that you can use to test the set up out, needs massive improvements)

Drivers for the SONY Move camera to work on PC from:

AutoRuns (program to tweek what gets ran at start up)

DOWNLOADS TO THE VERSIONS I USE:,cifc799msezg5gc,vdcldwbrtkpq66k,vuunuttu09cqrnp,23t7t27692zd27x/


Step 1: The Parts.

A bunch of pics of the parts needed.

Things you will need:
Flexible J-Bend (any hardware store) 1 1/2 size

P Trap for Lavatory (any hardware store) 1 1/4 size

Zip ties (Dollar Store)

Velcro ties (Dollar Store)

Electrical tape (Dollar Store)

Step 2: Trim Off the Top Part of the Flexible Tube.

Pretty straight forward here, as is most of the tutorial.

Cut down the center line then around the rim removing the narrow part of the flexible rubber J-bend pipe.

Step 3: Make Slit Down the Back to Allow for Easier Fitting of Move Controller.

Make a slit down the back seam as shown in the pictures.

This allows for you to insert the SONY Move controller into its spot without being too snug.

Step 4: Trim the P-Trap Pipes Down to Form a U Shape

I just eye-balled this step.

Basically cut the 2 pipes you got to form a "U" shape. The same shape as the rubber tube is what your going for. These will be inserted in the next step.

*NOTE* trimming these a little on the smaller side is probably best. I ended up trimming about a half inch off the cut end of the last pipe I inserted from whats in the picture. You just want to make sure you have enough throat length left in the rubber j-bend to still insert and grip the Navigation controller firmly.

Step 5: Insert the Peices Into the Flexible J-Bend.

This is a little tricky. DON'T BE A GIRLY MAN

You want the thicker threaded pipe to be the one you insert first. It goes in the longer part of the J-Bend (the side where the glowy ball controller goes).

I used a butter knife and grunt to get it wedged all the way down the pipe.

You can heat the rubber bit up in hot water to help make it stretchy.

You could also sand down the threaded part some to make it less tight. I prefer the tightness as it adds to rigidity, but it is a bitch to get it wedged down there. DON'T BE A GIRLY MAN but try not to tear the rubber.

The other smaller pipe goes down the other shorter side of the J-Bend (the side where the Navigation controller goes) Like in the picture.

This is the part I was talking about having enough throat length so the Navigation controller fits snug.

*If you space your tape job good on the Navigation controllers(SKIP AHEAD TO SEE ABOUT TAPE) then they
should be able to be inserted to where the top of the tape is even with the grey rubber J-Bend.*

Step 6: Position the Zip Ties Around the Flexible J-Bend.

This can be done in a lot of ways. I space them so on the inside of the U shape they are butted rite against each other and on the out side of the U they should be spaced about the width of a zip tie. You can also add a lanyard to one so you can fasten the entire thing to your wrist for safety if you wish.

Go around with little pliers or dykes and tighten them down as tight as you can. If some break then just put another in its place. You should have a bunch of zip ties so don't worry if some cant take the stress. Try to line up all the ties the same and centered down the center line of the U shape in the flexible J-Bend.

After they are all on and super tight, trim them and get ready for the next part. Be careful as trimmed zip ties can be extremely pokey. DON'T BE A GIRLY MAN!

Step 7: Tape Up the Zip Tie Spine

Add several layers of tape along the zip tie "spine" you just made. I do one strip in the center. Then 1 on each side of the center with a 50-50 overlap. I do that twice just for good measure and to pad up the pokey zip tie spine you just made. You should have a lot of tape so don't worry about it. And you'll need it for the next part.

Step 8: Wrap the THINGY!

Start at either end and work your way to the other. Wrap it carefully, you want it tight but not crazy gorilla tight or something. Keep it even and nice, layer it smoothly and you'll be good to go.

Step 9: Tape Up Your Navigation Controllers.

Add 2 strips of tape on the Navigation controller to thicken it up a little. This could also be achieved by using a silicon controller cover possibly.

Any way add the top strip of tape just above the LED on the controller and the other just under it. I trimmed mine along the bottom and trimmed out an area around the LED. You want to add around 1-2mm of tape give or take. I just eye-balled it.

Step 10: Insert Your SONY Move and Navigation Controllers Into Your THINGY!

Slide the Move one in first. Shove and twist it around until it is bottomed out and centered. Be careful not to reef on the rubber glow bulb or the buttons and triggers when you do so. Take one of your Velcro strips and tighten around the neck of the Move controller. The tighter the better. DON'T BE A GIRLY MAN

Next wedge your newly taped up Navigation controller into its front part. Now you can also add a Velcro strip here if you wish. I chose not to as I have it wedged just fine and when I physically grab this thing my hand holds it together as well so for me its not an issue.

If you spaced your tape job good on the Navigation controllers then they should be able to be inserted to where the top of the tape is even with the grey rubber J-Bend.

THAT'S IT! Now go out there and develop some exciting new stuff we can use to waste time! DON'T forget to send me a heads up if you get something going with this that's cool or want tested.

Step 11: Optional Options for Your THINGY!

I cut holes so I could see the LEDs if they are on or off. Pretty easy just use a hobby knife. I just eye balled mine, good enough. Check out the pics for reference on where they are placed.

You can also super glue the Velcro strap down if you wish. I did on one and it worked okay. I just use the Velcro strip without gluing though. You could also stitch it on somehow if you had the inclination.

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