Sound Reactive Led Box




Introduction: Sound Reactive Led Box

Here is a little drawing of how i wired the reactive led lights to a usb



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    Can i use a tip41C for this

    no it doesn't. However, the louder your sound is the brighter/more reactive they will be. Pretty much every song has a a different level your volume should be at for them to be just right

    I need some help with the tip31 transistor. My application is for the display panel of an old audio receiver I'm revamping. After a healthy share of internet research (although not enough), I decided to go with the tip31c. Well - the receiver is an 80W receiver and when I cranked up the volume a bit, the transistor sizzled and burned. My guess is that the 40W power dissipation rating for the TIP31 transistors meant that my 80W receiver was gonna blow it to bits. Great analysis for Capt. Hindsight. So do I need to go with a different transistor or should I forego the effort?

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    Hahaha comenting on a 3years old post, anyways try Tip122 its 100v & 5to8 A ,

    hi i built this but when connecting the power up the led just stays on? pllease help!!

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    If they stay on, it means that you have cathode (negative) going to the LEDs and the anode (positive) going to the leg of the transistor. Just re-hook up the power with the positive going to the LEDs and the negative going to the transistor.

    Can I use BC148 NPN Transistor for the same, plz reply

    everything works fine
    but when i turn up the volume the bass goes crap when the lights are connected

    and idea why........................

    I want to be able to plug in my phone to play the music.. And I would like the sound to come out of a stereo that has a AUX port. So if both my phone and stereo have AUX ports, can I replace the USB output with a AUX cable?

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    ya you can replace the USB with a AUX cable. I have no idea why he has a USB. You will need a spliter though for the output. I have one of the out puts going from my computer to my LED's and the other going to my speakers

    This may be a stupid question...but, doesnt a USB port only put out 5v? So how would that power all 12 leds?

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    You put the LEDs in parallel (as shown in the circuit diagram) which provides each LED with 5V. Youll need a resistor for each LED.

    when i cut my jack's line, there are only 2 lines (left and right channel) i cant figure out where is the ground line like in the picture. Can someone help me pls?

    can a USB wire be enough to power all these LEDs i guess USB supplies on 5 volts of power.

    It may be the most stupid question but I am pretty new to this