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So my boyfriend and I found it very annoying, to have laundry all over our tiny appartement. At first we bought some laundry baskets, but to properly sort out all of our laundry, we needed four of them. We stacked them and put them in the corner of our bedroom, but when they were nearly full, they were quite hard to stack, and made a real mess in the room.

That was when I decided to do something about the issue!
And the solution turned out to be rather simple, but tidy!

What you need:

  • Laundry baskets
  • Shelf brackets
  • Pieces of wood/ shelves
  • Screws and a screwdriver

Step 1: Make Regular Shelves - But for Laundry!

So basically you just have to build regular shelves and put laundry baskets on them. It might not seem like such a mindblowing new idea, but a lot of people have never thought about it, and laundry really takes up a lot of space!

So good luck building your shelves, and let me know if you like the idea! We have one basket for light-, one for dark- and one for mixed colours, one for stuff that has to be washed at a higher temperature. On top we just have other bathroom stuff :)

This system also makes you sort the laundry as soon as you put it away. That makes the job easier when you actually have to wash it. Perfect!

The other picture is taken before we put the shelves on - so if you are lazy, this works fine as well!



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    2 years ago

    i wish my wife would wash all of her clothes so i wouldnt have to keep buying hampers to dump her dirty ones into because she keeps them in piles in our bedroom.

    there's no helping this situation. i've tried talking to her about it. i've tried washing her clothes for her. i've put them in new hampers. i dont even know where one of the hampers i bought is right now (and it was bought so i could take clothes from the dryer to fold).


    2 years ago

    Simple and effective idea, bravo !


    2 years ago

    Good idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1 reply