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Hello !

So, I'm preparing for this larp battle and that means a lot of stuff making! Including weapons.
I chose spear, because it's easy to make, easy to operate, efective and it looks cool.

Even I used it as a weapon for battle, it can be used for any costume parties as weel ;)

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

So..spear is a stabbing weapon, which means that you can really hurt someone if you made it bad. You need the spike of the spear to be flexible and soft. That means you will need:

  • Foam. A lot of foam.
  • Old sleeping pad
  • Carpet
  • Some strong glue
  • Tape
  • Paints
  • leather, fur, feathers, etc... anything for decoration
  • and some long wooden pole for a haft

As a tools will come in handy:

  • saw
  • scissors
  • scalpel, knife

note: I had a black and white filter in my camera and didn't find out in time.

Step 2: The Haft

I got my pole from a tree in woods. But there are many shops, where you can order it. It should be some hard wood so it won't break as you'll push it towards your enemy's armor.
It should have +- same diameter in whole length, which is on your consideration (and if the rules of the battle allow it). I chose something about 2,6m. It's good ratio between efficiency and mobility.
So first, you need to find a tree and then cut it. After that detach the bark from the wood. Then round of the edges and grind it with sand paper!
You can also make some woodcut art.

Or you can buy the whole thing and can skip this step :D

Step 3: The Spike

Now to the entertaining part :D
As a first step do some sketching. After you have an idea how it should look like, draw the shape on a sleeping pad and cut it twice.
Glue some carpet on the top of the pole. Then glue some foam to the top of the pole and also attach sleeping pad parts.Then just fill it with foam and wrap it with a tape. You can reinforce the whole construction with carpet. I also made some wings.
After the glue is dry and you have the basis, take your paints and give it some paintjob. I first aplied a base color and then I used golden spray and after that just shaded it with acrylic paint.

Note: I also put the flag on before this step, because I wouldn't be able to do it after. (and also cause I'm impatient :D )

Step 4: The Flag

You can also add some decoration. For example some fur, leather, feathers, runes, etc.. I decided for a flag! :)

So choose a fabrics (remember, that natural materials look best ;) ) and cut desired shape. I chose right-angled triangle. Then you will need somthing for ribbon. I chose wool and linen cloth, because I had some remains at home.

After you have basic shape it comes to painting. I made this spear for a battle inspired by Hobbit, so I decided to paint some dragon picture as a reference to Smaug (the terrible dragon who stole home and all the gold from the dwarves!)
First made some sketching and then transfer it on the flag. You should paint it on both sides.
Or you can make some embroidery, but I was too lazy for that :D

Step 5: The End

Now you are finished!

I added some more details as leather wraping etc..

So when you're ready, grab your friends and let's fight ! :)

I spent a lot of time making it and tried to make all the steps as clear as possible with a lot of photos, so I hope you like this instructable and that it was helpful!

I'll be glad for comments ;)

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Stabbing ;)

    But during the battle I found out that I made it too long so it bended and it was hard because of the wood


    5 years ago

    You should try making an arkenstone from the hobbit. if you don't know what it looks like the google iy


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Of course I do! :) Well thanks for that idea, I'll give it a try!