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Introduction: Spectrum Anylizer

This  is a spectrum anylizer i got on the net on a russian site .People who like this kind of lights in action with music played which also has 3 different modes Have fun making it..I recorded one mode and also added my own mic amplifier circuit to suit my needs..Please if anyone would like to share a led table circuit please send me a email at domdomgin@yahoo.com..Thanks,,


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Step 1: These Are the Eaglecad Files..You Can Make Changes If You Like..This Is Just a Hobby of Mine..

Step 2:

Step 3: This Is the Hex File for the Chip.its Very Easy After the Circuit Is Completed..


Step 4: These Are the Fusebits to Be Burned on the Atmega8 Chip

I got this after a lot of research and i would like to share it.Its cool and looks good after its all done..Please enjoy the video..

Step 5: Please Enjoy the Video With 1 of the Modes..it Has Three in Total..

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    If you modified the code, this circuit could easily also be a low resolution oscilloscope.