Spongebob Penny Box





Introduction: Spongebob Penny Box

It's a spongebob penny box made by pinewood. for my lil daughter who likes spongebob.

Step 1: Cut the Boards

first i cut the boards to some square flats.

Step 2: Glue the Boards..

i use total 4 square boards for this penny box. glue the middle 2 boards and then use a jig saw cut off the center.. after that glue all boards together, for a quick combine i used nail gun...

Step 3: Make the Shape

use files, sandpapers, dremel, for the outside shape of it...

Step 4: Dress Up...

just some painting work. and i forgot take the photo of back, there is a hole with cap for the coins take out...that's it, thanks for watching...



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    that is adorable! nothing beats a gift made by you! you did a really awesome job!

    1 reply

    That turned out really good. I made some banks for my twin nieces recently. https://youtu.be/AdKTF3IClD4