Spook-O-Matic Door Mat!

Introduction: Spook-O-Matic Door Mat!

Hello Folks,
My name is Jonatan and I love building! Its my passion! For this years halloween contest, I wanted to make a simple, yet effective way of scaring people! I thought of this door mat I saw at the shops. It costed 50 Euros which is about 70 US dollars. I was really unimpressed about this mat as it made a very quiet scream, which was not at all affective for a special event like this! So I created A simple, yet much more effective solution to this problem! So, my doormat features 2 bright flashes from both directions (back+front) a scary bacround music and when you step on the mat, a loud scream really scares you! As this Contest ends today and its my Birthday, I wanted to participate in this contest, as if I would win a lazercutter, that would be the best present ever! So do please vote for me because I invested a lot of time in this project! I would really love to win a contest!!!

So what you will need is:
6-20 sponges (The bigger the more you need!)
2 thin pieces of (a bit) flexible wood the size of your choise(the bigger, the higher the chances of people stepping on it)
2 MP3 players or audio sources that feature looping of a sound or song
2 loudspeakers
20 metres of cable
2 flashing lights ( avalible for 3 euros / 5 dollars) running on batteries
A 2 channel amplifier or 2 1 channel amplifiers
A long piece of Tin foil

Hot glue gun
Screw drivers
cutting tool (or just scissors)
A stapler

UPDATE: Due to me finaly uploading instructions, and me not being able to host them on here, I have posted external links. 

NR 1/ First Step:
Place the wooden base-plate on the floor. Add the sponges near to the edges of the plate but don't make it go over the edge.  The more sponges you add, the more weight is needed to push it down. So, if you want to add a lot of leafs to it, take more sponges than usual. 
NR 2/Second Step:
Take long pieces of tin foil. Make 3 of them folded and make them to about 5-8 centimetre wide  pieces. Make sure that they are flat!!! Make the length of the tin foil to the same length as your wood base! Next, crumple up the same length of tin foil into long crumpled cylinder shaped piece (crumple it lengthwise so that  it not ends up shortly!)
NR 3/Third step:
Lay the flat parts of tin foil on the base evenly! Spread them across so that all 3 fit! Then, take a hot glue gun and glue them to the base.Then, take your second part of wood and lay it on to the sponges and mark where you had put the bottom foil with an edding. Then, center the other 3 tin foil pieces on your markings to make sure that it pressure is applied anywhere on the mat, that the bottom flat piece of tin-foil touches the top,crumpled cylinder shaped piece perfectly, because otherwise a effect might go missing!
Then, glue it in place! If the tin foil touches, either add another sponge next to the part that touches so that it gets pressed upwards, or take the base-plates apart again and hammer the cylinder shaped tin foil a bit flatter!
NR 4/Fourth Step:
Attach a wire to the bottom flat foil with a stapler or glue and another one to the top crumpled one! Repeat this step with the other 2 pieces too!
Nr 5/Fifth Step:
Tape the base plates together so that they don't fall apart!
NR 6/Sixth Step:
Place your loudspeakers at a safe place and attach a 1-4 meter wire to each of them. Place them somewhere where people wont notice them, like in your Letterbox (We have a gigantic one :-D )! Lay the wire to a place where you can set up your Amplifier(s)! Connect the 2 black wire to your amp (from the black inputs on your loudspeakers)! Don't connect one of the red ones yet.Wire one of them to the red output of your amp. That is going to be your constant background music! Wire the red wire that is left over to your door mat and wire them up with one of the bottom tin foil pieces (the flat ones you attached a wire before already)! Take the wire from the cylinder that is on top of the the flat one you wired, extend it by adding another wire at the end of it (if neccesary) and put that end into your loudspeakers red input!
NR 7/Seventh Step:
Then, get a hand on 2 of the wires on this picture: http://www.elv.de/hama-audio-verbindungskabel-klinke-cinch-1-5-m.html/refid/SEM_30013/gclid/CK_A39D-v7MCFVC7zAodm2IA9A . 
Attach your Ipod to the end which is not split up and attach one of the wires that is split up the back of your amp (in my case red)
(if your amp only features different inputs, get hold of a different adapters) Connect each of your Mp3 players to a different channel (one left, one right) and look which channel has the switch intigraded with it. Use this mp3-player to play a Spooky scream or any scary sound effect. Make sure that it repeats the sound over and over again. Use the other channel or mp3-player to play a constant spooky backround music! 


Great Job! So, now lets get to the flashing!
Get a really inexpensive flashing light or any light effect powered by batteries, not by plugs (or only if you want to give your guests a high voltage shock :-D!!! )

Screw open the cover and find the on/off switch. Cut off the wires leading to it and take 5-10 meter long wires and rewire the cables. Lead them to your mat and redo the same step as before: Attach the wire to the bottom tin foil piece and to the top one. When you step on now, the lights should start working or if you are using a flash, it will start flashing at you-quite a shock for the innocent! :-D Repeat this step for a second light or just leave it this way. Now you are ready to go! 



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Okay! But please vote for me and then I would invest my time in making this better! Thanks in advance!

    This sounds really interesting. I would love to have more instructions on how you were able to put it all together :)