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Ever find a spoon at a yard sale or the like and thought it had a nice pattern? I found these for 5cents each, but didn't want to use them for eating.

Step 1: The Spoon

I had actually been using this to melt small quantities of metal for projects. I know it looks like something elicit, but it really isn't.)
Start by marking where you are going to cut. I found a place in the pattern that I liked.

Step 2: Cut and File

Using a rotary tool, cut the head off the spoon, then file down any sharp burs and edges.

Step 3: Apply Heat

Use a vise or vise grip pliers to hold the spoon by the part you just cut. Using a MAPP or propane torch heat the spoon until cherry red. Let it cool slowly to anneal it. This aligns the crystals inside and makes the metal softer and easier to work with.

Step 4: The Softer Metal

The metal will cool to a soft blackened color, it should now be able to be bent easily.

Step 5: The Jig

Find the outer circumference of the ring size and use a paddle bit to bore a hole in the side of a 2x4.

Step 6: Begin

Begin to shape the ring around a mandrel or dowel. Do this until the ring fits in the jig snugly.

Step 7: Tailings

Re anneal the metal, it will become harder as you work with it. This is called work hardeneding
As you go you will have extra metal. Snip this off as you go so you don't have a tail bent under your ring's face. Also, remember that the metal will be extremely hot. Notice the black burn mark in this picture with the pattern in it.

Step 8: Continue to Work the Metal

Slip the ring onto the mandrel. Using a small hammer, vise grips and jewelers files bend and shape the ring, then cut along the spoon head side so it matches the contours of the connection of the top of the handle. You're going to have to anneal the piece several more times.

Step 9: Jig It One Last Time

Heat the ring up the quench it by dipping it in water, this will harden the metal. Put the ring in the jig, center the handle and solder the ends together.

Step 10: Polish

Using some stainless steel polish with a rotors tool and some fine grade sand paper polish the high points of the ring.

Step 11: Finished

Now you have a piece with emphasized patterns, when my wife wears it, people ask me how I made it. I just smile and say it was a spoon.



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3 years ago

Thanks! I tried making a few today without the heat and they were difficult and not so round. I'll head to a local Harbor Freight store and look for a butane torch to anneal the metal. The shaping block is a great idea too. Thanks again.


4 years ago

This is awesome. Well done. I like how polishing the high points turned out.

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