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Introduction: Sporran or Belt Purse

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

• Scrap jeans/canvas/something heavy
• Faux fur
• Embroidery thread and a needle
• Some type of tie. I like to use poly cord, stripes of leather, or a good piece of yarn! This should be as long as you need to tie a bow and make knots at the end.

Step 2: Make Your Template

I drew out a basic pouch shape and then used that as a guide for the flap. Make sure to include your seam allowances.

Step 3: Cut Out Fabric Pieces

I made only the front out of my cheetah print fabric. The rest was from some scrap jeans.
• 3 pieces of jeans using the purse template.
• 1 piece of the cheetah print fabric using the purse template.
• 2 pieces of jeans using the flap template.
• 1 piece of cheetah print fabric using the flap template.
• Make a strip 2 1/2" wide by the length of your purse plus 1" for seam allowance. This will be your belt strap.

Step 4: Flap

Sew the purse flap together on the curved edge but not the top. Flip right side out and press

Step 5: Pocket

Sew down the top edge of your other purse flap jean piece
with about 1/4" seam. This will be your pocket. Then sew it along the curved edge to the right side of one of your jean purse piece.

Step 6: Front of Purse

Optional: baste your other jeans purse piece to the pocket purse piece right sides facing outward.
Sew the right sides together of the cheetah print and the last jeans purse piece. Just the top though! Press
to the right side and sew a top stitch close to the top edge. Now baste the two layers close to the edge.

Step 7: Strap

Sew the strap by folding the stripe in half long ways and sewing down the side. Flip it right side out and press.

Step 8: Back of Purse Assembly

Now sew the back together along the top edge in this order: pocket purse piece facing down, top strap edge facing seam downward, flap with the cheetah print facing downward.

Step 9: Purse Assembly

Sew the front and back together by placing the pocket side down and the front piece with the cheetah print facing down. Sew just the curved edge. Make sure to pin the strap down in place and then pin the rest before sewing.
Flip right side out and press.

Step 10: Lace

Mark the spot where the lacing will be on the purse front. Fold the lacing in half and sew it to the marking in the purse flap. Tie/melt the ends to help from fraying. Feed these through the eyelet and tie into a bow.

Step 11: Finish

Adore what you just made by slipping this purse through your belt or wrist and attend a Highland Games and Gathering!!!

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