Spring Bird Nesting Helper




It's spring time, birds are tweeting, and starting to hook up and build nests. Help them out by making this super easy woven nesting material hanger for in your garden.

Step 1: Get Your Materials at the Ready & Start

You'll need some wooden twigs and a piece of yarn.
Tie the wooden twigs together with the yarn and string the yarn around two opposing twigs to form the warp.

Step 2: Weave in the Nesting Goodies

Now that you have your frame, start your weft using anything birds like for nest building. Personally I used scraps woolen roving from different kinds of sheep combined with hay, but straw would work just as well. You could sneak in a bit of birdfood for a little birdy snack.

Step 3: Done!

Tie a cord to the top, hang it outside and wait for the birds to discover the birDIY-store that just opened in your garden!



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    2 years ago

    A momma bird is building a nest in my door wreath so I moved the wreath to a safer spot (a nearby window) and made one of these filled with dryer lint, Timothy hay & small pieces of spare yarn. Last spring I was brushing my pet rabbit outside & a bird grabbed the fur that I let float into my grass! Birds are so clever! Thank you for this Ible!