Spring Terrarium Ornaments

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Intro: Spring Terrarium Ornaments

Ornaments are not just for winter holidays!
At least, that is what I am telling myself, since I made some Spring Terrarium Ornaments! My favorite part of this idea, is that you can put almost anything small into the bare bulb ornaments. Over the years I have saved little miniatures that I found interesting, hoping I would *someday*  find a project to use them...unfortunately most of my lovelies are too large for the opening! These Spring Ornaments are made from the few things I had that would fit, and the rest is handmade...with paper scraps!

Materials Used:
Glass Ornaments (found at most craft stores)
Brown paper bag scraps
Plain paper scraps
Decoupage glue
Recycled bits of wire (from my jewelry-making box)
Yarn scraps (from my DIY Easter grass)
Various Miniatures and scraps (from my craft room)

You can find the more detailed "How - To" instructions for the Little Bird TerrariumHERE and the Paper & Yarn Carrot TerrariumHERE

1. I had a small pewter bunny figure I had bought at a garage sale a few years ago, and just tossed into the "miniatures" bin in the craft room...it's an illness, I love tiny things but don't always know what I am going to do with them! So I painted him white, added a little pink on the ears and nose (the nose turned out slightly heart shaped!) Once he was dry i sprayed him with acrylic sealer.

2. I glued foam discs together, then glued them to the bottom of my bare ornament, to form a base for my little bunny. He was glued to a foam disc as well, the idea was to then stick the foam discs together, mounting him to the bottom of the ornament...it was a bit harder said than done, it took me half an hour with the tweezers to force him into place! 

3. For the flower ornament, I just pulled a small bloom off of a sprig of fake flowers, crammed it into the tiny opening on the ornament, and added yarn grass. 

4. I recycled some more winter craft supplies and cut apart some pine cone and berry sprigs, using the "berries" as my jelly beans! Once they were painted, I gave them a coat of acrylic seal and let them dry.

5. All of the "grass" is leftover from my DIY Mess Free Easter Grass



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    4 years ago

    Ooo such a cool concept! And it has so many possibilities for creativity...