Squirrel Baffle




Introduction: Squirrel Baffle

keep squirrels off of your Bird feeder.

Step 1: Didn't Work

the single 4" aluminum vent pipe was to skinny, the squirrels could still climb it.

Step 2: Double It Up

solution, double them up! get two and snap them together, this gives about an 8" diameter tube.

Step 3: Baffle Top

cut a circle out the diameter of the tube, then cut out the center for the bird feeder pole.

pop rivet 4 small brackets to hold the tip to the tube.

I added duct tape to the inside just as added insurance to keep the joints together.

Step 4: Baffle Hold Up

get our create two to four "L" brackets and a stainless steel house clamp sized for your reader pole.

clamp the brackets to the pole with the ss tube clamp at a height that the squirrels can't jump to.

Step 5: Put It All Together

slide the baffle over the pole and let it rest on the hold up brackets.

add your feeder accessories

tip off with house

Step 6: Finnished!

sit back and watch the birds eat and the squirrels be frustrated.

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    3 Discussions


    Question 9 months ago on Step 3

    What material did you use for the top?


    4 years ago

    Would love for this to work but I have stove pipes on my bird feeder pole & the squirrels do not have a problem jumping up 5' to reach the feeders. Let me know if this works for anyone. Thanks