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This instructable is a bit more Complicated but also no problem to do with a little time and maybe a little help.
The difficult is that you will need an lathe machine if you want to do it exactly the same.

I use some strange and also become rare parts, so it´s more an idea donor than an exact step by step Instructable.

The Main Lamp Body is an 70`s GDR (The former Eastern Germany) Street Lamp, they where hanging everywhere, but now no one is left, i found it on an fleamarket near the polish border and bought it without knowing what to do with it.

Some weeks later i get an Crashed Classic Mini Cooper wish i restore since them, The clutchbell was broken and i Think about what to do with this thing without cast away.  So theclutchbellwasthemain pillar.

The tube is an normal sanitary pipe.

It got an nice looking oldstyle Lamp.

An textilecovered Cable and an Footswitch, it runns on 220v and makes a wonderbar Warm and golden light.

It`s 194cm high.

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Step 1: Cleaning

at first i cleaned up all parts in the lampbody i found a dead dove.

The clutch bell is glas beaded.

The inner parts of the lamp i painted black.

Step 2: The Transitions

i put the parts together and doesnt like these hard sections from the lamp to the much thiner tube.
so i decided to call my friend Daniel wich owns an WONDERFULL nearly 80 years old lathe machine.

i do a little sket for the transition units and we bagan to work it out of an leftover piece of aluminium.

At least i do some hidden threats to clamp the Lamps innertube with three little allen screws.

Step 3: The Assembling

Now i Put all parts together

The tube is pressed to the aluminium parts and the upper aluminium transition is clamped to the Lamp-body.

I use the original lamp socket, put just a new cable and a footswitch on it and these nice light bulb in.

All the little inside parts are the original old ones.

when i was reddy the the shiny look of the tube seems to dosent fit to the other parts.

so i decided to dull it with a pad. and now it looks much better.

so thats It.

Hope you like.

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    Your design is really nice, and I like the bulb you picked out. That street lamp has a great form.