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For halloween I want to be the red guy on the away mission, lol. It's sad cause I don't think a lot of people will get that joke.  Anyways as part of the costume I need a starfleet badge.  As I am a student my budget for this is zero.  So i had to improvise. 

Step 1: Materials


-Glue Stick
-Aluminum Foil
-Card paper (I used business cards)
-badge template

Step 2: Template

Using the internet find an image of the starfleet or any badge you want to create.  I copied the image and pasted it into microsoft word where I adjusted the image size to my preference.  Print 3 images.  Take the three images and glue stick them onto the card paper.  Cut out the images so that one image is the whole badge, the second is just the middle, and the third is just the star. The image with the whole badge will become your template.

There's a word document with the templates on them, they should work for all windows ms office word 95 and up.  I used the smaller of the two sizes.  You can also change the size to your own preference.

Step 3: Building Thickness

-Take your template and trace it 6 to 8 times depending on how thick you want the badge to be. 
-Cut these trackings out and glue them together. 
-While the cuttings dried I placed them under some text books to ensure proper contact of the layers.  -Note that I also glue sticked the template on the top layer. We will later use that image to aline the other two parts of the badge.
-Once the layers have tried you'll notice that they may not be perfectly flush with each other.  Take your scissors and using one of the blades scrape the sides of the badge until they become flush.  It doesn't take too much effort or force.

Step 4: Adding the Detail

-Glue on the two other parts if the badge. Use the image to position them properly

Step 5: Foiling

-Cut a piece of aluminum foil. Decide on which side you want to use as one side is shiney and the other matte. 
-Glue stick the opposite side of the foil that you want. 
-Glently place the face of the badge against the glued side of the foil.
-Flip it over and with a cuetip gently rub the foil onto the badge.
-Cut the access foil around the badge leaving enough to fold over the endges.
-Apply glue to the sides and back of the padge and gently fold the foil over the edges of the badge.

Step 6: Fasten and Done

-Glue a safety pin or magnet to the back of the badge.

I did this in about 30 min.  Have fun and I hope this was helpful.



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    9 years ago on Step 2

    There are a few different kinds of badges.  I made a template with a few different kinds .  I hope this it helpful to someone.

    5 replies

    2 years ago

    this is made of foil!?!?!?!?! mind blown! it looks super professional, and solid metal! great job!


    2 years ago

    I tried to make a different version, i.e the science insignia from the reboots. I kinda messed it up, but the result isn't that bad and with a bit of practice I'll manage to make a correct one !


    Reply 2 years ago

    If you are wearing a red shirt,don't count on a recurring


    3 years ago

    This is a nice new movie badge as the TOS badges were fabric. However, the logo isn't quite right. It should be a spiral. The logo here goes on the yellow shirt. However, the badge looks very nice and it would probably be hard to tell. I had to look it up when I made my red shirt and mine has other problems. Nice job.

    Marc - FR

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Easy to do and the render is beautifull! The link for the template is broken =(


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I also can't download the template, the same problem as SuperScourge :
    403 Forbidden
    Request forbidden by administrative rules.


    We make redshirt jokes all the time at our house.

    Nice instructable - I;ve got it bookmarked for when I finally do a Star Trek themed Halloween costumes (the cats will all be tribbles)


    5 years ago

    I get the joke!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I cannot download the Template because of a 403 error it says

    403 Forbidden

    Request forbidden by administrative rules.