Starting a Fire With a Magnifying Glass

First gather the supplies necessary:

  • Tinder (newspaper, or other dry paper or wood material)
  • Other dry sticks and twigs
  • A powerful Magnifying glass
  • A sunny day

Step 1: Set-up

Place the tinder on the ground or whatever surface the fire is to be made on.

Make sure this surface is in the sunlight.

Step 2: Lighting the Fire

Take the magnifying glass and hold it by the edges over the tinder. Arrange the glass so there is a very small circle of white light on the tinder. Once the tinder starts smoking blow on the tinder until it starts burning.

Step 3: Keeping the Fire Alive

Once the fire is established, drop the smallest sticks on the smoldering tinder. After these are on fire place larger and larger sticks on the fire until it is the size you want.



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    I always preferred lenses to matches because you can use it over and over again.