Starwars Blaster Gun for Costume




Just to start out, this is NOT my idea but I just thought some people might find it interesting to use without searching the internet. This is a tutorial on how to make one of the blasters that the stormtroopers off of starwars have so lets get started!

You will need some templates for this and they can be downloaded from here:

Step 1: Main Blaster Body

You will need a piece of 1 1/4 PVC pipe 18.5 inches long. (Gray PVC preferably but any will do) Templates, Butt cap and a Hex cap or better yet here's an alternative to the Hex cap. If you have a LOWE's near by pick up a 1 inch Plug, here's a part number that will make life a lot easier building this blaster, SKU or Barcode# 0-25628-14290-2

Step 2: Taping Templates Onto PVC

Cut out and tape your two barrel templates to the PVC.

Step 3: Drilling Holes

First pre drill all holes with a smaller drill bit then go back and drill the holes to the right size. This will take some time to do, but go slow and take your time, it's worth it!

Step 4: The Guts!!

You may opt to put guts in the blaster, I did this to my first and I have to say it's not really worth it. If you do decide to do the inside guts, Feel free to come up with whatever here. It's up to you! I added some brass pipe the the barrel and a round rubber piece on the opposite end to keep it from moving around inside the gun. The grip is made from Redwood. The Butt cap has been sanded flat on the end and all wording on the sides sanded off. The barrel tip is the Hex cap, sanded to fit inside the barrel. Clean up the grip and sand it to the shape desired.

Step 5: What to Do With the Rest of Your Templates

Cut and tape the rest of the templates on whatever material you plan to
make these with. I used sheet metal and thick aluminum. Use your Dremel or whatever you have to cut the templates out of the metal. Safety First, use safety glasses at all times! After cutting all the parts out, make sure to sand or file the edges. Clean them up and get ready to install them.

Step 6: Sites

Install the front and rear sites. Prep your handle and install the trigger guard and safety switch. Use your Dremel to make slots in the main housing for the front sight then epoxy it in. Put some Epoxy all the way around the outside, this makes it look like it's been welded. Use rivets or screws to attach the rear sight.

Step 7: Handle

This is the BEST way to make the handle! Cut out the templates, trace them onto a piece of sheet Styrene and cut out, glue them all together and this is what you should come up with! Drill two holes in the grip so whatever screw you use will slip through. Counter sink the two holes so the screw is flush or below the surface. Be sure to sand the head of the screw to give the filler something to hold to. Place the grip at the correct position on the receiver and screw in place. Add some filler to the two screws and let dry. Sand flush and you're done.

Step 8: Barrel and Butt

You need to cut a small d-ring holder for the Butt cap. Install it with rivets.
This front nozzle pictured will not be used! Now take a break you deserve it.

Step 9: Front Sight

The front sight is easy. Take a small block of wood and trim it down to
fit snug into the sight that's already mounted on your blaster. Drill a hole in the center and place an old flat head drill bit inside. Epoxy, let dry and install.

Step 10: Reciever

After you get the mag housing built you will notice you have about a quarter of an inch lip on the side that connects to the main receiver. Cut "slots" in the PVC main receiver where the lips of the mag housing will slide into to make the mag housing flush with the receiver. Be sure to have this in the correct spot on the receiver or it will look kinda funny
Glue in place and let dry. The knob is made from a knob I found. I think it came from an old set of bracket mount speakers. It's the knob that holds the speaker in the bracket mount. The other is a piece of plastic that was found laying around.

Step 11: Extra Detailed Parts

I used thick Aluminum for the extra detail parts. Cut them out with your Dremel and sand them to shape. Use a file to clean them up a bit. Using your Dremel cut slots in the PVC the Epoxy them in. Same with the trigger.


Now prime the heck out of it. Put a few coats on. Then sand and prep it and get it ready to paint. Prime, Prime, Prime can't say it enough!

Step 13: Paint Time

Paint it with flat black spray paint. Then add coats of semi gloss clear coat. Paint and install the folding stock.

Step 14: The Final Product at Last!!!

The final product!
Pick up some rubber griping material from for the rubber strips on the barrel. It's around $5.00 a foot and you'll need 4 feet.



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    Reply 1 year ago

    here is the link. still workink. clik on 8 of july. hope help you.*/


    2 years ago

    Here is how Star Wars Blasters actually work in technical detail :


    3 years ago

    templates wont download / Missing ???


    Reply 3 years ago

    You can still get the file from the internet archive:*/


    Reply 3 years ago

    This is not working for me using Internet Explorer. Any tips? Thanks!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Spoke too soon. It worked the second time. User error! Thanks!

    iv tried to download the templates and they wont print. is there any where else to find the templates or a way to print them off help wold be appreciated.

    2 replies

    Plug the link in the article into the wayback machine - the Internet Archive, at I was just able to download the templates file no problem.


    Reply 3 years ago

    holy crap it worked TNX MAN !


    9 years ago on Step 14

    I'm jealous! Damn nice job here. Only don't go out in public with this ; you'll scare the hell outa people and maybe get shot. This would make a great co2 bb gun. I bet you could sell a bag of parts to make the thing out of on eBay for $20. Wanna go halvsies?

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Agreed- I'd love to build the casing around an existing BB pistol for a working gun. Maybe a use for my ugly-as-hell-but-still-shoots-things G20.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I want to do the DL-44 around an air soft gun for fun (shoot my friend).

    lol maybe cover up the holes and unplug the barrel and make a working trigger and throw some propelant in there and cram a projectile down the barrel and you might have something.


    10 years ago on Step 14

    Sweet!!! Could you also make an instructable about the details such as scope etc.?

    Lukes mate1

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Im sorry but the better one is the one with the led lights coming out