Steam Punk Paintball Gun Nerf Mod

Introduction: Steam Punk Paintball Gun Nerf Mod

Here I used my Paintball .64 tippmann carbine gun and fitted it inside a  Longshot CS-6 Nerf Gun..The results were quite amazing.. I wanted a cooler gun for paintball...

Forgive me ..if this is crappy.. I just built the gun...then later wanted to make an instructable on it

Note.....that the Tippman carbine I have in this picture is the only model type that will work with this method ...So far..Ur tippman carbine must look exactly like the one in the picture for it to work.

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Step 1: Material

you will need

electric jigsaw
Drill with tips
any kind of pliers
table saw
tippman carbine gun
longshot CS-6 Nerf gun
5 min set apoxy (very little)
1- thick long size screw

after compleation
acrylic paint
high close paint seal. (shine)

Step 2: Step 1-Preparing

 lay your Nerf gun down and start unscrewing everything..Please forgive me that my gun is already painted in the next pics and stuff... after u have unscrewed everything... its time to rip all the guts out.. and i mean everything.!!!

After you have ripped all the guts out, your next step is too remove certain plastic areas for the gun too fit.. I have marked them all

Keep your shoulder piece from the nerf gun.. there is nothing to do.. you will cut it up later

Step 3: Step 3- Cutting

after you have removed all the plastic on the inside.. put the 2 pieces of the nerf gun back together and put in all the screwes... from there you will begin cutting with an electrice jigsaw or a table saw...Just fallow and compare the pictures to my already cut gun for perfect fitting!!

Step 4: Step 4- Cutting the Shoulder Guard

just follow my cuts based on the pics.. I dident really take that much off

Step 5: Step 5- Ready the Tippman Carbine

Just need 1 good thick size screw and just a little of 5 min set apoxy

Step 6: Step 6- Casing the Tippman

So after all the cutting is done its time to put the tippman inside its new casing. just follow the pics. and put all the screws back in place and then the shoulder piece. Its all done!!!

Step 7: Tippman Carbine Steam Punked!!

all that's left to do is paint it however you want..

Now my steps were acrylic paint for plastic.. I needed 3 coats for everything.. Then High close spray paint to seal in the paint and give it a because of this design you can only really use a 9oz tank if you really want to use a plain tank on it.. I used a hose feeding system for a 20 oz tank on my back.. It makes it look better...

Hope this instructable helps!!

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