Steampunk Aviator Costume

Who says that english class is boring? I had a fun time making this for a class project and also for a Halloween costume.
     Now to be honest, this outfit is made most entirely out of things that are either
                 A. Junk or
                 B. Reused things
As for how I made it, simple. The hat was cut from a purse I bought at Goodwill, and the headlight is basically just my mom's keychain flashlight without the keychain. The goggles were made from canning jar lids, an old pair of safety goggles, PVC couplers (from ReStore), scrap leather, and a stretchy belt. The badge is made entirely from my dad's old Thomas clock, and the pendant (dogtag) is just the clock's pendulum. The watch is made from some leather (from a deer my dad shot), a broken watch +compass, and many knobs and fixtures (ReStore). The belt is the one my great uncle wore in WWII, and the holster is just more PVC. Finally, the boot is made from, well, my boot, and a doorknob my neighbors were throwing away. To secure all of this stuff, I used mainly hot glue. All of the supplies came out to a grand total of $22. The spraypaint ($10 for 2 cans), the clothes ($10 from goodwill), and the odd bits ($2 from ReStore ( A heck of a lot cheaper than a store bought costume, and way cooler. I had a great time making it, and got an A++ (literally) for it from my 7th grade english teacher. Enjoy!

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    5 years ago

    Cool! Very original.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    given more materials and tools, you can make a masterpiece, this looks good, only con on this are your shoes, but that's an easy fix, but still, for the budget, well done


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I dig this!

    And the fact that you made it for a class?! BOSS.