Steampunk Goggles (First Attempt, No Welding/Soldering)




About: I am an Artist of various sorts. Graphics design to metal working (or trying), I also am a director and writer (scripts and books). I am trying to currently make a movie called Steam Powered Regicide and so ...

So here is my first attempt ever at making Steampunk goggles. I know they are very sketchy and thrown together but isn't that kinda how Steampunk is supposed to look >3>? Anyways, I decided that one day I was going to make goggles and since I didn't have a propane torch, welding torch, or a strong solder, I decided to make this using nothing but Copper Wires to hold it together. I am proud for my first attempt but I can't wait to improve.

I think next time I make a pair of goggles, I will work more closely on making them more stable and more precise with a possible step by step in-depth tutorial (possibly a youtube video or two). For now, however, I shall just show you my first piece (like a stick figure drawing your child hands you because he loves it and thinks you deserve something as good as his art work). 

This is my first post onto this site so feed back would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 



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    6 years ago

    @sunshiine thanks!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I can't wait to see a step by step! They look so cool! Have a splendorous day!