Stencil and Spray Your Own Minecraft Canvases for Cheap!




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This week over at Cairdy Crafts, we're going to be making our own Minecraft stencils and spraying ourselves an Enderman and Creeper!

Check out the video below for a step by step guide and read on for the Instructable guide.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project, you'll need:


  • Spray paints (visit your 99p/dollar store for the smaller cans!)
    • Base canvas colours (for the Creeper, bright green, for the Enderman, black)
    • Stencil top coat colours (for the Creeper, black, for the Enderman, pinky/purple)
  • White canvas boards (I picked up mine from Hobbycraft or The Range)
  • A material to make your stencil from
    • Mount board
    • Cereal box
    • Acetate/plastic food packaging


  • Xacto/Stanley/Craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Healing cutting board
  • Backboard you don't mind getting sprayed

Step 2: Spray Your Base Coats

First, decide on the design for your canvas.

Next, angle the canvas around 45 degrees (half way between vertical and horizontal).

Holding your spray paint around 15cm away from the canvas, gently spray lines of paint across the canvas.

Repeat on the sides of your canvas board.

Then, repeat for any other boards you're making!

I repeated this with a black base coat for my Enderman board.

Step 3: Draw and Cut Your Stencils

For this step, take your stencil material (mountboard for me) and a blank canvas.

Draw around the canvas on the mountboard and use your knife and ruler to cut out the shape.

Next, as we're making Minecraft stencils, every edge is straight, which makes drawing a cutting a lot easier!

If you're making a Creeper, divide up the board into a 10x10 square grid. Draw around the eye and mouth segments and use the knife to cut them out.

If you're making the enderman, divide the stencil board into 9 pieces and shade in the eyes. Use the knife and ruler to cut them out.

Step 4: Spray Your Creeper/Enderman's Features!

Next, lay the stencils over your canvases to make sure they fit!

Use a couple of pieces of scrap wood (or something you don't mind getting sprayed!) to press your stencils flat on the canvas.

Just like the base coats, take your spray paint you want to be the coloured highlight (in the creeper's case, black).

Holding the spray can around 15cm from the canvas, spray gentle layers of colour over the stencil's holes.

Repeat until the blank spaces show a nice even layer of colour.

Finally, gently lift off the stencil and hey presto! One shiny new creeper. Careful, it's hissing...

Check the photos for the step by step guide for the Enderman!

Step 5: Hang Those Canvases

Congratulations, you're done! One completed Creeper and Enderman for your wall.

Why not experiment with mixing up the colours? I tried a black Creeper with gold features on a spare piece of card (see photo) just to see what it'd look like and now I'm wondering if it'd make a nice t-shirt!

Thanks for taking the time to read through my Instructable, do check out the video and I'll see you in the next Instructable!

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5 years ago

Oohh you could do this onto a cube shape thing and put LEDS behind the endermans eyes to make a lamp!

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