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Sticky Notes are great for origami and sculpting, but what else can you use them for? Writing yourself notes!! Well, not about ART!!!

Here is a simple, epic tutorial, great for art shows and fun around the house! This would look especially cool on the wall of a bedroom, not to mention a great way to reuse sticky notes!!!


Step 1: Materials

All you need to conduct this project are these simple materials you'll probably have around your house:

-sticky notes

-square paper (We Can Turn It Into a Square!)


Without further ado...LET'S GET STARTED!!!

Step 2: Make Your Paper a Square: Part 1.

You can totally skip this step if you already have a square paper. If you don't then look at this step:

How To Make A Rectangle Paper Into a Square Paper:

Fold the Paper Diagonally. There should be a strip that DOES NOT fit into the fold. This is correct

Cut off the end strip, but not any of the diagonal pieces.

Open It Up!!

Step 3: Fold Your Paper

To Fold the paper, simply:

Fold it in half one way

Open it up

Fold it in half the other way

Open it up!


Step 4: Fold the Sticky Notes

Okay, this part is a bit hard to explain, so bear with me.

First, fold your paper in half (sticky side in)

Next, peel one side of the folded sticky edge back

Repeat for the other one

Now just make more of these in other colors!

Step 5: Design


For design, you can do whatever you want. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination!! The easiest way I found to design is to make each diagonal corner symmetric. So say, I had four boxes: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right. In many designs, the design on the Top Left should be symetric to bottom right, and same for the other two.



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