Storage for Assembled RV Sewer Hose




Most travel trailers have the rear bumpers set up as a storage compartment for the sewer hoses.
One problem is that you have to remove both attachments on each end of the hose.
My TT came with the short LP tank cover with the hatch to access the LP tank valves..
So for Christmas I asked my son for one of the taller LP tank covers that also has the hatch.
The local dealership only had Almond and not white. No big deal!


Step 1:

I then cut a thin sheet of plywood to snugly fit inside the tank cover and would sit on top of the tank handles.

Step 2:

So now when setting up at a campsite, I just open the lid to the tank cover and remove the completely assembled 15' drain hose, hook up the hose to the drain valves on the TT and then to the  drain at campsite.
Then reverse the process after draining the holding tanks and packing up to leave.



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