Rubber Band Powered Straw Rocket

Introduction: Rubber Band Powered Straw Rocket

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This instructable will teach you how to make a hand-held straw rocket launcher
along with the straw rockets themself.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need :

  • a straw - they need to be small, about 1cm - no bigger than 1.3 cm
*a 4mm diameter by 12 inches long bamboo skewer
*a small rubber band
*either transparent or opaque duck tape must have either of these
*some 1.5 inch blue painters tape - this is optional for the wings
*a cabinet knob i had one hanging around so i used it, you can just use paper though.

Step 2: Launcher

To make the launcher all you have to do is first, cut off the point on the skewer and then push it into the knob. If you dont have a knob then crumple up a piece of paper and tape it to the end of the skewer.

Step 3: Rocket

First take your straw and cut it just befor the bendy part on the longer end.
Now for the propultion system. Take your rubber band and cut it in one spot (see pic)
Then while pinching the two halves on both sides, put a small strip of duck tape around the elastic and the straw MAKE SURE IT IS VERY TIGHT! (you may need to put the skewer inside it so the straw doesn't collaps on itself. (you realy need to see the pics)

Step 4: Fins 4 Fun

The fins are optional, they add little stabilization but look cool so have fun with the design. Anyway take a piece of painters tape and fold on itself and across the straw. Next take scissors and cut two identical fins on each side try different designs to find your prefrance. When you do find your favorite design bend the fins in thr same direction to make the roket spinn in flight.

Step 5: Launching

Take the straw and slide it over the end of the skewer, then putting the skewer on the rubber band pull back the straw with the hand not holding the knob then transfer it to the hand with the doorknob in it and grasping the straw on the skewer with your index and thumb. When your ready let go of the straw in your index and thumb and the rocket will shoot off through the air at amazing speed... you know, for your house...

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9 Discussions


6 years ago on Introduction

cool , I told my classmates about it we also have a war or rockets every Monday :)


10 years ago on Step 5

i made 5 and shot them at my friend good thing they dont hurt