Strike-Anywhere Firecrackers




This instructable will show you how to make firecrackers that can be struck on a rough surface to light them. They are very easy and fun to make. Have fun and be safe!

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Step 1: Materials

The things you need can be made with the instructables on the site or found around the home. For one strike-anywhere firecracker-

-Black powder or flash powder

-Strip of paper 11in. by 1in.

-Inner ink holder of a pen

-Hot glue gun

-1in. of visco fuse with a diameter of 1mm-3mm

-Small funnel rolled from paper


-Masking tape

-Strike anwhere match

Step 2: Construction

Roll the paper around the pencil as straight and tight as you can get it, then wrap masking tape around the whole length of it, but leave the ends open. Plug one of the ends with hot glue. Using your funnel, pour in you black powder or flash powder until it's almost full.  Insert the fuse into the unplugged end of the firecracker until it goes slightly under the level of the powder. Use as little glue as you can to plug the air holes around the fuse, so you don't smother it. Finally, tape the strike-anywhere match so it touches the fuse and the white tip protrudes slightly higher then it. Your done! Now to light it :)

Step 3: Ignition

Strike against any rough surface and throw. These should be waterproof but I haven't tried it yet. Oh, and try not set anything on fire. These firecrackers make a bang when they ignite so dont light them in your ear please. Experiment with different sizes of paper and compacted powder to get louder reports. Have fun!

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    36 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    Just buy some black powder you can buy a pound for like 30 bucks (dont buy smokeless/modern powder its alot more kick than you really need for this) and little goes a long way


    Depends on where you live. As far as I know, in the US it is legal. Good luck getting more than a few ounces of KN03 at once w/out a license.

    if you can get close enough to blow it up, you can get close enough to spray it wit the appropriate chemicals, wear eye protection gloves etc. Your post is 4 years old so I put this here for would be exterminators. Trust the man with the appropriate scars, this is NOT a good Idea.


    It is potassium nitrate, a common oxidizer. And if your gonna b low up a wasp nest, don't use tiny firecrackers. Use something bigger. Trust me.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    place some thermite above it in a terracotta pot, that should deal with it. Then again, it might deal with whatever the nest's attached to as well


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    potassium nitrate isn't that hard to get a hold of. You can buy 5lbs on ebay for around $20. Its used commonly in sugar fueled rockets (the reason i bought it). Taking care of a wasps nest with gunpowder? Nice!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I wonder if you could help me. I'm looking for information on how to make solid rockett propellent similar to what you would find in an estees rockett.-THX