Sturdy Bookends



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I have a pair of really cute bookends. The problem is, they aren't strong enough to hold up my heavy cookbooks. One day I came home with books and smashed plant pots all over the floor.

This 5-minute project will make any bookend sturdy enough to handle the largest books you have!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For wooden bookends you will need:

  • Bookends
  • Metal brackets
  • Drill or screwdriver

For non-wooden bookends you will need:

  • Bookends
  • Metal brackets
  • Epoxy

Step 2: Add Brackets to Bookends

Screw or glue the metal brackets onto the back of your bookends. You will want to ensure that the bracket is flush with the bottom of the bookend.

Step 3: Stack Your Books!

Stack your books onto the bracket.

The weight of the books will stabilize the bookends and make sure that everything stays in place and secure, no matter the size or weight of the books.

Simple solution for an annoying problem!



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