Stylus Grip for More Recent Touchscreen Mobile Phones With Capacitive Stylus.

When my old mobile phone (Nokia 5230) stopped working earlier this year I decided to go for one of the newer HTC mobiles with the Android software. I was pleased with the phone, but not with the fact that my previous hack to make a mobile phone stylus easier to grip (Nintendo DS stylus plus pencil grip) no longer worked.

This failure was due to the fact that, like many other modern mobile phones, the HTC needed a capacitve stylus. The local mobile phone shops weren't much help, but an internet search and poll of friends located the following 'pen' like stylus from Acase. The pencil grip fitted tightly onto the new stylus and I was soon back in business. Here's the updated hack pictures.

One place that a capacitive stylus for HTC mobile can be found is Amazon UK:

The pencil grips can be found here on Amazon UK:

I'd be most interested to hear about any better solutions to the stylus problem or different versions of grip.

Hope that this 'hack' is useful to someone.



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