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I find out, that Schnorpel has no suitable summer wardrobe. Ok, for the kindergarten she needs airy pants because with a skirt is climbing trees and the gliding slide is really stupid and brings many tears. But as well in kindergarten all the clothes are become very dirty, I'm too cheap to throw out a lot of money for new clothes, because they never becomes clean after all (favorite game: "Matschepampe" some water in the really loamy sand and jumping and wallow in it like a pig). Therefore the  yellow is completely wash and brush root resistant.

Okay, thinking about what can I do, the kid looks passably tidy AND doesn't transpire AND save a bit money.

Idea: Schnorpel-Dads last rejectet Shirts.

•First you have to cut off the sleeves ( the sleeve-seam remain at the rest of the Shirt).
•Now stacked the sleeves on top of each other, take a pair of well-fitting pants, lay it on top, trace the top of the fitting pants (don't forgett seam-allowence).
•Turn one of the sleves inside out and stick it into the other.
•Sew the cutting line with the Overlook.
•Serge the waistband also with the Overlook.
•Insert some elastic into the waistband and decorate the pants.


•Lay down the rest of the shirt and cut out the dress from your pattern.
•Cut the border of the shirt into stripes ( from rest, not from the pre-cut!).
•Open up the buttons and sew collar and back together.
•Take your Overlook and serge all your cutting lines.
•I have serge the armholes with the stripes of the borders.
•Neckline and hem was sewed several times with the overlook, so there comes a bigger brim.
•Decorate again and

you are READY!!!

I promised, for the next Outfit I'll make some pics for illustrating.

Sommeroutfit I
P.S. I think I have the most beautyfull model in the world, Heidi Klum or Naomi Campbell go home!

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