Sumo Robot + IPad + Processing

Introduction: Sumo Robot + IPad + Processing

This project involves the control of a sumo robot, in this case using an iPad, but it could do it with any device that supports iOS or android.

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Step 1: Part List

For this project you have to use this list of electronics components :

1. 1x Arduino board (I use an Arduino Mega)

2. 1x Lynxmotion terminator sumo robot kit (I used this kit for saving time, because it had include the motors and the wheels, but you could build one and you'll save money)

3. 2x Motor driver 1A Dual TB6612FNG

4. 2x MaxStream XBee modules

5. 1x DF Rduino I/O expasion board V5.0

6. 1x USB XBee adapater

7. 1x 12V battery

And also you need obviously an iPad, and a computer with a Wi-Fi network

Step 2: Hardware Integration

This is really simple, you only have to assembly the terminator sumo robot kit (In this case), do the motor drivers connections, put the I/O expasion board on the arduino with one of the XBee modules, connect the usb xbee adpater to your computer, of course with the other one XBee module.

For the power supply, i used to use two batteries, one for the motor drivers and other one for the arduino.

Step 3: Software Configuration

You have to download the TouchOSC editor ( you could download it from the hexler main page) and after that you could do the template for your mobil device.

For the communication between the two Xbee's you must to have the modules on the same Channel and the same PAN ID.
X-CTU is a software designed to change these parameters in a very simple and practical way.

When you're programming on processing, you must to configure the usb xbee adapter as a COM1 on the serial port.

I attached the files that i used for arduino, processing and my TouchOSC template.

Step 4: Ready

Once you have made all connections and all programming, you must to have the robot working properly and you could add a lot of components, like cameras, sensors or anything you want.

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