Sunlight Sensor Using Dragonboard 410c

Introduction: Sunlight Sensor Using Dragonboard 410c

The branch of Internet of Things is an promising area to be explored and it is on this way that the Sunlight Project using the Dragonboard 410c is inserted. The Sunlight Project measures of the visible light level, level of infrared and index ultraviolet (UV). The project has a Dragonboard 410c capturing sensor readings, sending readings to a server in the cloud. For this project we used the Sparkfun server. The project also has a android app that queries the data and show to the end user information of UV irradiation levels protection tips against the problems caused by this element and allows control the LED lamps that using CSR µEnergy bluetooth, controlling ambient lighting levels, helping to better use of LED light in order to reduce energy waste according to sunlight.

Step 1: Preparing the Dragonboard

Dragonboard 410c Operation system: Linaro based in Debian 8.0

96Boards Sensors Mezzanine: It is the adapter for connecting Grove modules to a 96boards baseboard. Arduino compatible shield socket, and an ATMEGA328 microcontroller.

Sensor: Sunlight sensor model si1145

Step 2: Codes to Run Project

First Image: C++ code. Resposible for taking readings of the sensors and store in a text file.

Comands complementary (execute in prompt):

Compile: g++ (name file C++ with extantion) -o (name file generator) -lupm-(name lib file) -I/usr/local/include/upm

Execute: sudo ./ (name file generator)

Second Image: Python code. Resposible for read the data of text file and sending to a server in the cloud.

Comands complementary (execute in prompt):

Execute: sudo python (name file)

Step 3: App Screens

Screens of App that contains the information oh the sensor measures and tips with the levels for each measurements for the end user.

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    Cool system. I am going to have to try out this board at some point.