Super Easy IPad Dash Mount





Introduction: Super Easy IPad Dash Mount

I've built custom dash mounts for tablets and radio gear but wanted a very fast, easy, and cheap way to hang an old iPad on the dash for occasional use.  This video shows a very simple method to hold an iPad on a 2005 Mustang dash.  The loop holds the pad very well for GPS use, streaming music, or for car diagnostics.  The two side vents provide plenty of air with the center vents covered.  In the future I plan to build something more finished to hold an iPad, but for fast and easy this is hard to beat.  Thanks for taking a look.



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    Good Job, just to edit:

    The "bracket" you see on the car where the shoe lace is stucked into, it is a Go Pro adhesive mount, these can be bought at Bestbuy.

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    Hey, thanks for the info on that bracket. It came with the car when I bought it used and I wasn't sure.