Super Moon Lamp




How to Make Super Moon Lamp in steps.

This beautiful lamp would create a heavenly effect in your room at night.


Materials: vinyl print moon, Clear acrylic dome (8 inches diameter, 1 inch height ), water and shampoo mixture, super glue, tree bark, aluminium wire, magnet wire for tree making (length 13 inches - numbers of wire 120), LED Strip Light 5050 white 12 volt DC, 12 volt power supply, lacquer spray for bark, masking tape.

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Step 1: The Moon

Print the moon in vinyl sticker cut it and paste on the clear acrylic dome with the mixture of water and soap.

Fix LED Strip Light 5050 white on back cover of the moon and close it.

Step 2: How to Make Wire Tree

Cut magnet wire for tree making (length 13 inches - numbers of wire 120).

Follow the steps as described in the video.

Step 3: Base

Use tree bark for base. Fix moon with the help of aluminium wire bracket.

Step 4: Final

Fix the tree on base (tree bark). Place the lamp on glass table to make a good reflection in the dark.

Reflection makes it more beautiful and natural.

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    11 Discussions


    13 hours ago

    Beautiful. One small suggestion. When you bring wood into a home, always heavily inspect it. You don't want to bring mold or critters into the house.

    1 reply
    kz creativeRigoC

    Reply 10 hours ago

    Thank you for a valuable suggestion. I will take care of this.


    12 hours ago

    Such a simple idea that's brilliant and beautiful! Wondering what you used for the dome. I've not come across anything like it before.

    1 reply

    12 hours ago

    It's a beautiful project and I would like to reproduce it, but I'd need more information. The materials list tells you the what but the where, the material sources would be very helpful, for instance, where or how would one go about printing a vinyl moon? Image source?. What would be a reasonable alternative to vinyl? Would paper look good? What about the rear dome? Where did it come from? Sources for domes?


    Question 14 hours ago on Introduction

    I love the light. I have one question, though - what did you use for the dome? It's not listed in the materials list. Also wondering where I would look for something like that.

    Helder Cabral

    2 days ago

    The fact that I wouldn't need to go to any store to make this project right now is, by itself, awesome. As is the final product! Nice job ;)

    1 reply

    4 days ago

    Striking picture against the glass table. Nicely done.

    1 reply