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There is something magical about 3D sculpting and even a little bit addictive once you start it. A lot of amazing 3D models made in ZBrush are shared on social media, and it became part of a New Year’s resolution to try this 3D designing software out. As the result, a cute Easter Bunny, that can be used as a toy, a pot full of chocolates or a planter for the flowers, is ready for the festive seasons.

Step 1: Sphere

Easter Bunny model started off as a sphere. Most of it was 3D sculpted using 2-3 brushes only. BCL - Brush Clay. BCB - Brush Clay Build Up. BST - Standard Brush - to define features.

Step 2: First Try

One of the bonuses of 3D printing is to be able to touch and feel the model at an early stage. It may have no detail, expressions or have abnormal parts that look unimpressive in CAD, but bring joy when printed out.

Step 3: Pot

The pot is actually taken from our earlier Tinkercad model “Cactus in a Pot”. Importing an STL file into ZBrush was quite straightforward,

Step 4: Workflow

Easter Bunny Toy/Pot/Planter workflow YouTube video. Please like and subscribe.

Workflow blog:



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    Reply 8 months ago

    Hi, sorry we are new to Instructables and our instructions might be not instructable enough. We used ZBrush 45-day trial to try the software and sculpted our bunny from the sphere using 2-3 brushes only. We added shortcodes of the brushes in step one.

    3DWithUsDIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 8 months ago

    Hi Jason, thank you. The front paws are at a 30-degree angle, have to pay attention to cooling when printing.