Sustainable Sand Office Tools



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Sand Formations (Material Casting) Observing the behavior of Sand material

found in the natural environment and how their transformative qualities can be adapted into new forms, a process of mold-making and casting, such as turning grains of sand into 3-dimensional surfaces.

Material: Sand with special spray glue to Freeze it Creation Sustainable Office Tools by sand (Pen holder, light table, Book stand & calendar) Art School of Mr. Alberto Burri's "Sacchi"

Step 1:


Super Glue + Baby Oil = Liquid Spray for Sand

Sand and Plastic Stand with different holes sizes

The method of work

Just prepare a Plastic Stand with different holes sizes

Poured the sand inside

Leave it to form as Sand Formations

Spraying the Liquid Glue on the surface of the sand shape

Clear the excess sand

Extract the final shape from a Plastic Stand

Step 2:



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