Swimsuit Cover Up/ Kimono Cardigan




Wearing a kimono cardigan is a great way to add a touch of color to your swimwear and keep yourself stylish before going into the water! This cover up is very light and flowy which is perfect for the summertime.

Step 1: Materials

- Fabric (any lightweight or sheer fabric is preferred; I bought 1.5 yards)

- Measuring Tape (I didn't have one so I printed a ruler off of the internet, which works too haha)

- Thread

- Needle

- Scissors

Step 2: Measurements

For this part, I wanted the sleeves to go from my neck to my elbow, and the back part to go from my neck to my mid thighs. So have an idea on how you would want lengths to be and use the measuring tape for find that desired length.
Also, I made the opening of the sleeves 17" and the bottom width 24" to get that flowy look. I would recommend drawing down the sketch and jotting down the measurements because it will be easier for the next step. The first picture shows the measurements of how the cardigan will look like folded and the following picture shows the cardigan open.

Step 3: Fold, Measure, and Cut!

Fold your fabric into fourths so it turns into a square. When you position the fabric, have the 4 flaps on the bottom and right-hand side of the square, the side with 2 flaps on the top, and the left-hand side of the square should have no flaps.

Once you finish folding, use your sketch and measurements to guide you. You can mark your place with a marker and start cutting!

Step 4: Opening

After you finish cutting, open it so you can cut down the middle (only the first layer) to create the opening.

Step 5: Adding the Neck

To create the neck space, cut 4 inches to each side from the top, but you can add more inches to that.

Step 6: Sewing!

Now it's time to sew that fabric together! You can sow about a centimeter in from the edge. Also, from the first image I also cut from a triangle shape around the neck area. When you sow the opening/middle area, turn the edges towards you so the edges will be facing outwards. Once you are done flip the cardigan inside out and it will be ready to wear!

Step 7: Wear It Out!

Ta da!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Is this hand stitched or a machine? I'm just asking because the material is thin and I'm not that confident with my machine yet!



    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I used a sowing machine for this, but you can definitely do it by hand! Just make sure to make a stitches even and short so no thread is poking out


    5 years ago

    This looks great. Need to sort out a cover up / wrap for dance concerts, I'll be giving this a go.

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    Wow it's amazing I bet you could win in one of the contests

    1 reply