Swiss Army Knife + USB Flash Drive





Introduction: Swiss Army Knife + USB Flash Drive

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It just so happens that the Victorinox Adventurer Swiss Army knife and the Verbatim Tuff n' Tiny USB flash drive fit together perfectly. With some grinding. 


-Victorinox Adventurer Swiss Army knife, or similar 
-Verbatim Tuff n' Tiny USB flash drive

-angle grinder with metal cutting disc
-two part epoxy
-sand paper

Step 1:

First mark where to cut. You will find that the key ring attachment on the flash drive lines up perfectly with the inside curve of the can opener. 

Even though the circle part fits like a glove, you will need to remove other parts of the can opener. I ended up bolting an angle grinder down to a table with plumbers tape. There is probably a better way to do this if you have access to fancy tools. The angle grinder has a metal cutting disc that glides right through tool steel. 

Make sure to keep checking the fit. You dont want to cut away too much material

When youre finished, you should still have the little finger nail hook to open the tool. 

Step 2:

Rough up the sides of the USB key where it will touch the metal.
Sand the inside of the curve on what is left of the can opener. 
Cut a slot into the key ring.
This helps give the epoxy more surface area and improves the bond. 

You will also have to sand down the face of the USB key to get a good fit when the knife is folded shut. Sand on the side with the Verbatim logo so your USB contact points are still good. 

Step 3:

Mix up some two part epoxy and glue your pieces together. Apply tape to both sides so the flash drive will be held in place while the epoxy cures.

Wait one day. 

Remove the tape and use an exacto to trim away any excess epoxy.




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    21 Discussions

    You are genious! Not that I would even think about grinding away anythin on my Victorinox Workchamp - but I was always looking for something to replace the exchangable tiny little (and in my opinion useless) screwdriver on my Leatherman Charge. Let's see when I get the time to do it, perhaps I will make a nice little instructable about it ...

    Sorry, but I think that the can opener can be easily converted also in a cut hook (for belts and strips and blisters and so) without losing it primary function of can opener, so I must to prefer a USB Flash attached in the keychain ring than your mod.

    This is great. I was only yesterday telling some friends that it wouldn't be long before a USB powered Swiss Army Knife would be made by someone.

    The future has arrived ; )

    A very nice bit of work.
    The only question that enters my mind is to wonder who carries just one flash drive?

    Have done the grinder things many times, hose clamped one to a stanchion
    on a boat few times. I attach pieces to keep from loosing them.

    Ironically I was in a coffee shop the other day opening a flashdrive with my Swiss Tinker and somebody freaked out. Its a Shame when a tool I carry every
    day instills fear. Paranoid L.A. folks.


    I have the army knife, now I just need a usb drive that small

    I like the idea, but for the time spent they make a swiss army knife with a detechable flash drive

    2 replies

    yep! that is what inspired the project. But they have only released the flash drive version with a tiny little blade, which is of limited usefulness.

    The pocket knife I modified is a powerful tool that I carry every day. I just couldn't wait for Victorinox to make the next version.

    Plus my brother gave me this tool almost 10 years ago, so its kinda my favorite :)

    You've had a Swiss Army Knife for 10 years! Congratulations for that. I tend to lose them every year.

    Like t.rohner says... Nice Idea but the weight of the knife and the twisting or levering effect depending on the position of the handle can't be good for the USB socket or the drive. Nicely done mod!

    1 reply

    If you can't use one of the other tools to open a beer, you just aren't being creative enough.

    Nah, it's the can opener.

    Besides, you can open a beer bottle with any tool of a swiss army knive... (maybe not with the tootpick ;-)

    Nice idea, but with the weight of the knive and the leverage, it's a little dangerous for the USB ports.

    Ah, do not fear my friend, fore can opener has been modified. The beet bottle opener remains safely on the other side of the tool.

    Technically, you could use the flat head screwdriver tool as well, since they're both the same general dimensions. But overall screwdrivers are more useful and with a little knowledge of leverage you could use the screwdriver to open a bottle anyway!