T-Shirt to Pillow



Do you have those oversized or souvenir T-shirts that you will never wear? If you do, why not turn it into a decorative and functional pillow?!


Step 1: Things You Will Need

-Needle & Thread

Optional Things:
-Sewing Machine (You can choose whether you want to sew it up using a machine or by hand)

Step 2:

Start by laying out your T-Shirt.
Then draw a box or any other shape you want your pillow to be, around the picture.

Step 3:

Cut around the shape you just drew making sure you have cut both sides of your T-Shirt (front and back).
This will leave you with two pieces of material.

Step 4:

Pin the right sides together (the good sides together).
Then draw two lines and inbetween those two lines do not sew because that is where you will flip it inside out.

Step 5:

After you have sewn it together and made sure that there is a little opening, cut the corners off.
We cut the corners off so that the edges of the pillow will be sharp when you turn it inside out.

Start stuffing the pillow through the little opening.

Step 6:

Sew up the little opening that you used to stuff the pillow.
And now you're done!
You can use it for decoration, use it as a pillow or gift it to someone for because everyone loves handmade gifts!!!



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