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How can I make a TARDIS headpiece? I wanted it to light up too! I'm not very technologically advanced. So I can't make a light, but I can take one! I have a $5 fiber optic light. It's so easy to take apart and it's simply battery powered!! this Instuctable is to help the Doctor Who fans make the top of the TARDIS! Also, what's easier than batteries and a blue light all ready for you? Nothing!!!

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Step 1: Get the Light Out

U need to take out the fiber optic top, and unscrew the two screws to get the light out.

Step 2: Put in the Batteries!

This light takes three AAA batteries and u just pull out the top of the cover.

Rest of materials
Hot glue gun

Head band : thick- white, blue, or black

Krazy glue

Blue marker

Black fabric paint

Dry wax paper


About 4-6 skewers or chopsticks

Cardboard/ laminated paper (strong paper)

Duct tape

Step 3: Making the Light Cover

Cut off the edge of the wax paper and cut kit down to your desired hight. And measure it around the light source! ( you might need to use some tape to keep the wax paper on the light source for measuring.) once it's measured mark it with a market or pencil.

Step 4: Making the Support

Shorten the chopsticks or skewers to have about extra inch above the wax paper. Also, make sure you have about half an inch of space at the bottom. Then, crazy glue them down.

Step 5: Stand It Up!

You can roll the light source right under the sticks and tape the excess paper under the source. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THE SPACE FOR THE LIGHT SWITCH! Also, if u see duct tape just cover it up with some more wax paper!

Step 6: Make the Top of the TARDIS!

The top of the TARDIS is like a cone shape just use the stand of the fiber optic light to help you! Use the laminated or cardboard for this. It should be sturdy. Put the two cut pieces and crazy glue them. Make sure it's a cone shape. Color the top black

Step 7: Cut Off the Tips of the Sticks

You just cut them off with scissors.

Step 8: Color the TARDIS

Use black fabric paint and blue marker to make the TARDIS colors!! It's about four thick black lines around the entire thing with two thin black lines across each thick black line. Color the squares in blue or leave them since you have blue light. USE A MARKER FOR THE BLUE! Or else it will block out the light.

Step 9: Put the Top On!

Crazy glue the top on the tip of the sticks!!! We are almost there!!!

Step 10: Wait!

I recommend waiting over-night for the fabric paint to dry.

Step 11: Look at It!

It's so nice! Good job!

Step 12: Hot Glueing to the Headband!

Plug in the hot glue gun and wait about 10min. NEVER LEAVE THE GLUE GUN UNATTENDED! U put a glue line on the bottom of the light source and glue it to the headband! It's so simple! Hold it there for five minutes!


Adore your headpiece!!! Look at that master piece!!! Wear it with pride! It's so cheap and simply battery powered. It could lean on both side of your head or go right in the middle! its your choice! You will be all set to be the TARDIS!


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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    It's not supposed to be THE TARDIS. It's supposed to only be the top of the TARDIS. If you look at the tip of the TARDIS there is a cylindrical shape thing on the top. That's what the headpiece is supposed to be.


    5 years ago

    Not to be harsh, but it doesn't look like a tardis.