Introduction: TOOLING CLOUD: Add New Tool

Add New Tool

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Step 1: Click "Add Tool"

Step 2: Edit Data

Enter BlueSwarf Dashboard six digit number, if applicable. If you want to assign one, use this random number generator. If you have a internal part number for this tool assembly, enter it into the CUSTOMER NUMBER field. Select tool type from drop down menu. Enter size in millimeters, decimal or fraction and unit of measure. Enter tool description if needed. Performance fields are used with tool life testing. Enter AutoCAD A360 link for 3D CAD file or FLICKR link for tool image. Clock on appropriate workpiece material ISO color codes. Hover cursor over color box to see material description. When a black outline appear on color box that material is chosen. Click again to remove. Click CREATE TOOL to save.

Step 3: Material Color Code

Hovering over the color code box will show the material group name.

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