Take a Clean Picture Without Annoying People.




Introduction: Take a Clean Picture Without Annoying People.

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Ever bothered by moving people while taking a picture?

Or wondering how to take a clean picture without moving cars in rush hours?

With RvBGS, you can erase the moving people or get a clean picture in just one-click.

Step 1: Setup Camera.

Put your PC or Mobile phone in position.

Let the camera target on the view that you want to take a picture.

Step 2: Click on "Start BGS" Button.

Click on the left-top button to start running.

You can also change Sampling Frames count or Sampling interval in the side-panel.

Sometimes you may set more sampling frames or longer interval to get a better clean picture.

Just try it by yourself.

Step 3: Get a Clean Picture.

Wait for seconds. You will then get a clean happy picture.

A picture without annoying moving people.


A picture without moving cars in rush hours.

Have Fun.

Download: RvBGS Win32/Win64/Android


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    hey Daniel. The link on your website for the Android application is not working when I click it. just a heads up

    2 replies

    Now uploaded in Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.embarcadero.RvBGS