Taking Apart Bearings




In this instructable I will show you how to take apart, clean and then put back together bearings from a skateboard or scooter.

Step 1: Items

You will need:
• clean kitchen towel
• a set of bearings (used don't try this on a fresh set bearings)
• a lubricant
• some WD40 (prevent rusting) or any similar spray
• a small bottle with lid
• some lemon juice and floor cleaner
• a large bottle with lid
• access to warm water and soap
• a small screwdriver

Step 2: Taking Apart Bearings

When you have a all your bearings removed from the wheels, turn the bearing Over and remove the clear plastic casing holding the bearings in position (this is the retainer). Use a small screw driver which can fit down the gab in between the ball bearings and the case. When it is pried up on one side pull the whole thing off. It may be brittle so if it feels stiff do this gently. Then put the screwdriver in between the ball bearings and push out the rubber seal it should fall out easily

Step 3: Cleaning

Place all the bearings without casings in the small bottle with some floor cleaner and some lemon juice. Make sure it covers all the bearings. Close the lid and shake. (This will be container 1)
Next place all the rubber seals and retainers in the other bottle with some warm soapy water and shake as well (this will be container 2). After a few minutes remove all the parts from the container 2 and clean every nook and cranny of the retainer. Leave container 1 for a few seconds before shaking again. Repeat this step several times. After a few shakes remove the lid and pour the liquid away and cover the top with your hand to catch any parts that may fall out. Then wash then under warm running water and dry with a hair dryer. Make sure that any metal parts are not sitting in water for too long.

Step 4: Taking Apart and Cleaning Even Further

Dry all the bearings by rolling them about on a clean piece of kitchen towel. Next roll all of the ball bearings to one side. Then pull the inner up in the opposite side of the balls and it should click out. Do this gently as sometimes the balls can fly out. Give every part a wipe down inside and out with the clean kitchen towel to remove any dirt. Next spray then with some WD40 to prevent then from rusting.

Step 5: Putting Back Together

Dry off the rubber shield and place back into one side of the bearing it should click in comfortably. Then start placing the bearings in around the side of the case. Hold the bearing flat to make this part more easier. Next take the inner ring and place it in the top of the balls and slide it down until it makes a click. Place the bearing shield side down on the floor and Use the small screwdriver to spread out the bearings for the retainer to click in. When the balls are spread out evenly push the retainer into the back making sure every ball goes into each spacing separately. Use some skating lubricant or sewing machine lube to grease up the bearings and your ready to go.

Step 6: Skating

Place the bearings back into the wheels. Tighten the wheels and skate



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I figured out how to disassemble the bearing myself but reassembly was a problem. I watched this video that pointed out that you have to line up the balls at the bottom of the outer race and then slip the inner race in from above. He uses two magnets on the outside to hold them in place but mentions that you then have to demagnetize the bearing without saying how:

    How assemble ball bearings - YouTube

    Your idea of replacing the shield to hold them in place is a better idea.

    He also has another video that might be of help to someone:

    How to disassemble a ball bearing - full LENGTH - YouTube


    Reply 3 years ago

    Why do you say that? The main purpose of WD40 is to stop metals from rusting...


    5 years ago

    All bones bearings and most skating bearings use the same retainer system. Only attempt to take apart bearings using this method if they have the same retainer system as shown


    5 years ago

    WD stands for water displacement and so replaces the water in the metal and therefore prevents rust.. However this fries out the ball bearings and so you need to use skating or sewing machine lubricant to make them spin better. Don't spin the bearings too much as this could damage the ball bearings if they are dry.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Not all bearings have this plastic retainer. Some of them are metallic, you must destroy it to disassemble the bearing.